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How to Animate In Photoshop

VonGoldAnimationFrame1Though most people know it as an single-image software, Photoshop has some great features for traditional animation. Here are some of the simple tools I used to create my latest animation. Continue Reading →

09. May 2016 by Scott Wiser
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Continually Moving Forward

CirqueDuSolitudeMainCharacterAs Walt Disney once said, we must “keep moving forward” whether or not the public can see our effort. Though I’m working hard as ever, people still ask if I’m developing anything at all, so here are some previews: Continue Reading →

26. January 2016 by Scott Wiser
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What To Do When Projects Go Wrong

ProjectsGoWrongHave you ever had a project you “knew” would be your best … and then for whatever reason it died? Would you like to know how to bring that creative death back into new life? Here’s what I did recently: Continue Reading →

30. March 2015 by Scott Wiser
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Vanishing Ink On Kickstarter

VinkKickIt began as development for a feature animated film and became an illustrated novel, praised by Disney & DreamWorks artists. And where did it start? Continue Reading →

17. November 2014 by Scott Wiser
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How to Build a Stop Motion Puppet

Stop motion was the only other type of animation I hadn’t tried … until this Charlie Chaplin inspired project! Created on a very small budget, I hope this post inspires other animators to build their own puppets. Continue Reading →

22. July 2014 by Scott Wiser
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New Developments May 2014

Having been hard at work, creating new animated stories and content, I haven’t had much time to write blog posts. But I have plenty to show for it: please feel free to observe and comment! Continue Reading →

13. May 2014 by Scott Wiser
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Collaboration Potion

Collaboration is the “juice” I crave most. My newest project gave 3 of us the taste of juice Walt Disney may have “drunk” as he pushed his early teams to new heights. And now I’ll share what I learned! Continue Reading →

04. February 2014 by Scott Wiser
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Pushing Character Designs

Vanishing Ink, my next personal book project, continues growing in the back of my mind. At CTNX this year, I asked many of my favorite designers in the animation industry to draw over my character designs. Continue Reading →

10. December 2013 by Scott Wiser
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Unnatural Talent

Once in awhile I read a book that not only surprises me, but changes the way I see my future. It demystifies self-publishing, Kickstarter, creative freedom and much more! This is a must-read book I’m proud to endorse! Continue Reading →

09. December 2013 by Scott Wiser
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Turn Your Day Job into a Dream Job

I wasn’t sure about this part-time job. How could I have known it would turn it into a DREAM while I pursue my DREAMS?  In fact, the same thing has happened with many of my past employers. What is my secret? Continue Reading →

02. December 2013 by Scott Wiser
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