2D Animated Short Film Funded!

In Developing “Layers” with former heads of animation from Dreamworks at Nimble Collective, I thought making this film would be a smoother path. Nimble ran out of budgets, but I didn’t give up. The Kickstarter didn’t fund and I still didn’t give up. I applied and presented for a grant and … I’ve got news!

We just won the Startup Ogden Grant that will fund Layers!

While this grant isn’t the big budget I was hoping for in the Kickstarter, I’m so grateful to have it and I’ve realized it will be enough money to enable me to finish Layers myself. I’ve filmed the animation reference for the whole short, purchased a cintiq, and I’ve already started animating. Here’s the first shot I animated to test the look of the film:

My current goal is to have it finished in time for the Ogden Film Festival in June. Because I’ve finished at Funded Today and I’m now running my animation business full-time, other projects may cause delays, but we will cross the finish line eventually and keep you updated along the way.

You can sign up for for updates at: scottwiser.com/Layers

And please let me know here in the comments what kinds of things you’d like to see in the updates along the way!

Thanks for all of your support and we’ll see you soon!


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