Day 2). A Halloween prank goes awry when stolen, magic hats haunt
and transform the kids who committed the crime. – Mr. Hat Maker

A mother recently complained to me that so many halloween films are dark
and ghoulish, so I came up with this idea hoping for a colorful, comical
halloween story unlike what we usually see.

Here are my ideas so far:

The kids, fascinated by the strange, eccentric "Mr Hat Maker, Sir",
sneak into hat maker's shop and decide to steal the hats for halloween
costumes. But when the Hat Maker discovers them, commotion ensues which
trashes the shop and injures poor Mr Hat Maker's leg.

As revenge, the hats use their powers to transform the boys in hilarious
ways. To cover their crime, they try to hide the hauntings from their parents
(and any other adult in town) but the hauntings keep getting worse and all the
more comical. I'm still figuring out how the kids will ever get out of this.

"Save The Cat" genre for today : "Monster In The House "
Rules: A "sin" creates a monster who attacks the "sinners" in a confined space.

Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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