Day 3). An ancient spell splits a girls soul in two, leaving the girl pure and
creating her opposite, the Ultimate Evil HALF

This image is the only sketch in color because it wouldn't work otherwise.

And Here's a adaptation by the talented Genevieve Wood. Don't you just
LOVE the playfulness here?

This story was an idea I had as a kid for a series of 3 video games. The
game would open with a cut scene where this girl (during hide & seek) falls
off a cliff and finds a cave on a ledge below. In the cave she touches a
crystal ball which sucks all of her skin & clothing color out and turns it
into the ultimate evil. The girl then collapses and awakes in the hospital
where she discovers some interesting powers. The game play would be all
non-violent. For example, the way she escapes the hospital is by using a
syringe to put everyone in her way to sleep. Later in the game, we discover
that this opening scene is the result of 3 witches who were creating the
ultimate evil - but were thwarted by a good witch who froze them all until
she could figure out how to stop them - this girl is her solution. She must
journey to find the artifacts necessary to conquer this ultimate evil version of

I wrote the opening scene as a short story in my fiction writing course back
in college and people loved it. So...ever since I've been toying with the idea
of further exploring the emotions and complexities of this story.

"Save The Cat" genre for today : "Golden Fleece "
Rules: On the road to find one thing, they find something else (themselves).

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