Day 6). As the nations who inhabit the sun and moon wipe each other
out, the last sun-boy and moon-girl, though worlds apart, fall in love
                                                                      Sun, Moon, and Stars

So I'm always searching from emotional, non-violent ways to portray things
and here is one of my favorites: At the beginning, as the first two of the
warriors go to attack each other (yes, this war happens in the sky) the camera
would then back out and the black dots would "die" - twinkling into stars. The
Sun-boy would spot the girl through a telescope (The same through which
we saw the opening battle) and decide not to got to war but to go to her.
Unfortunately he breaks the last aircraft and seems dooms to see the moon
only for a moment as his home sets. I'm not sure how the story would go
from there, but it would be cool to have him go down to earth (uninhabited?)
and have the Stars continue to play an important role in the story.

My good friend and Disney Interactive Animator, David Wilson, decided
to do his own version (in full color even!) here:

"Save The Cat" genre for today : "Buddy Love "
Rules: To people meet and can't stand each other (In this story's case, it's the
two nations), but soon learn they can't live without the other.

Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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