Day 8). An old, mute painter returns to his alma mater, the university
where secret deceptions ruined destroyed his family, and makes his
revenge... by painting. –A Painter’s Touch

I've always wanted to make a film inspired by Charlie Chaplin - who hasn't?
So here's my attempt. The painter would be a charming and seemingly
foolish character who appears one day on a university campus and starts
painting and interacting with the students in comical ways. In fact, one could
observe that his reason for painting IS the students because he ends up
making a difference in several students' lives. A female psychology student
takes particular interest in him and in her investigation discovers his
intriguing back story that ended in him leaving the country, forced to sign his
daughter over to be property of the university for research purposes. His
efforts to change the lives of the students are desparate attempts to
somehow help and maybe even find his daughter there. He ends up making
an impact on the university as least as I currently see the story.

The design of the university would be one half new, one half old and this
constant comparison between old and new would appear several times in the
film. And there are a lot of story kinks to be worked out of this one but the
possible emotions, impact, and entertainment excites this storyteller.

"Save The Cat" genre for today : "Fool Triumphant "
Rules: The Fool goes against a large power in society and proves to be the
wisest of us all.

Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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