Or How About?:

Day 10). A superstar business graduate is shoved to the bottom of a
failing corporation, becomes and delusional hermit living in the secret
passageways, and secretly begins helping the CEO succeed.
                                                                          Super Corporate


Sounds messy? I'm working on it, I promise. I feel like I have the seeds of a
great story but it's really difficult to find the heart of this one. It has the
potential for AWESOME scenes, especially the one where he cracks. You
see, he starts out successful, the most celebrated student at a top university,
but when he's at the bottom of the corporation and no one will be straight
with him, and he can't make a difference, and he feels like his progression
has stopped and becomes even unproductive. So one day, he cracks and
decide it's better to live it his own dreamworld where he holds all the control.
We would see some of the fantasies in his mind and some from the 3rd
person (which could be SO hilarious and entertaining.He gets in trouble at
work and in the course of hiding finds a secret network of passages that travel
throughout the entire corporation - he uses this as his SuperHero playground
and a way to eavesdrop on employees. He begins recording people throughout
the company expressive their private ideas about about the future of the
company and feeds them into the office of the CEO. What does the CEO
do about it? Well, because our hero feeds them through the various pictures
of past (tragically deceased) CEOs, his boss (also under pressure) believes
the advice is coming from the CEOs themselves! So he applies the advice
and the company starts doing well ... until our hero is arrested of course.
Luckily, over the course of the story he has developed a friendship with the
oldest employee at the company (a female administrative assistant) who
could possibly help him at the point.

So yeah, that was certainly a brain dump! I feel like this story has a lot of
great ideas ... I just need the theme that ties it all together. What do you think?

"Save The Cat" genre for today : "SuperHero"
Rules: Remember the Origin story - It's about the difficulties of being
SUPER in an ordinary world.

Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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