Stop Staring - Multiple approaces to facial rigging.
Maya 2013 Essentials
- A basic book, but it had some good solid information to begin.
How to Cheat in Maya

Other Characters to Learn From:

Malcolm - Fish Boy - Rigs by my friend, Andy Conroy - And More

YouTube Videos

- Weight Painting - IK/FK Arm Video - Multiple Joints Move 1 Control -
- Bendy Arm - Watch BEFORE setting up legs -

And this last guy's videos come with a disclaimer: I learned alot from them but he doesn't speak clear English and makes some time consuming mistakes (which he corrects in later videos). But I still learned valuable lessons from his content. That said, here is his channel.
Because great information is just a search away - that is how I found all of these resources and I'm sure there are many more - some even better perhaps.