Battle of the Bands

I highly recommend Kevin Merriman’s new comic Mariachi Dachi combines fanastic characters, colors, and visual compositions to tell the story about battling it out with music – as if music were physically powerful!

On my recent trip to the cartoon talent networking expo, Mariachi Dachi was everywhere. I was impressed with Kevin’s zeal to share his creation with the world, and once I opened the book…the excitement began! The character designs are inventive, their personalities are wonderful there’s fun exploration in the clash of Cultures. My favorite aspect as an animator were the varied reactions and attitudes as they battle it out with musical ammo. And if one story isn’t enough, he has plenty of development sketches and future story sneak peeks to boot! Here’s a snapshot from the book:

I highly recommend buying this comic : here and keeping your tabs on my friend Kevin. He plans to pitch this and other ideas as television series and as persitant as he is, I expect some awesome results from him in the future. Here’s a piece of fan art I produced to celebrate the current and future success of Kevin Merriman’s book, Mariachi Dachi!



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