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How to Animate In Photoshop

Though most people know it as an single-image software, Photoshop has some great features for traditional animation. Here are some of the simple tools I used to create my latest animation.

09. May 2016 by Scott Wiser
Categories: Animation | 9 comments

DreamWorks & Summer Arts

My brain is still processing the amazing, fully scholarshipped adventure I just had. Collaborating with DreamWorks Head of Animation, Rex Grignon was a dream come true. See the Animation below…

15. July 2013 by Scott Wiser
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Character Driven

What an event! You’ve helped choose my next side project from these stories : based on the 10 screenwriting genres from the book Save The Cat. Thanks for the support and here are the results:

14. January 2013 by Scott Wiser
Categories: Animation, Creativity, Visual Story | 56 comments

Picture Book Or Short Film?

That was the question. Misfit Supers wasn’t always intended to be a picture book, and it could someday be much more. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at this “dazzling”, “fun & quirky”, “appropriate for all ages” creation.

19. October 2012 by Scott Wiser
Categories: Animation, Creativity, Productivity, Visual Story | 4 comments

Misfit Supers :: Coming Soon

The Misfit Supers, teased and mistreated because of their super weaknesses, search to rescue the celebrity supers from an invisible villain. Coming within the next few weeks…

29. June 2012 by Scott Wiser
Categories: Animation, Visual Story | 4 comments

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