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Misfit Supers :: Coming Soon

The Misfit Supers, teased and mistreated because of their super weaknesses, search to rescue the celebrity supers from an invisible villain. Coming within the next few weeks… in a variety of digital formats and in print-on-demand. The site for the release is located at scottwiser.com/MisfitSupers.

Here’s what people were saying about the Misfit Supers in early stages of development: “Scott I just read it and I really love it! [This story] has legs!” -Sam Kirkman. “This is super cut…it’s so funny…a really awesome project,” -Sarah Winifred Searle. “…A fresh take on the superhero genre.” -Henrike Dijkstra. These comments were just after reading the rough draft! And such comments put a great responsibility on my shoulder to live up to and a standard I hope to push higher.  Since then, the story & characters have grown & improved.

At this point, I have the characters designed and the story refined. From here, I am moving on to the layout stage followed by typography, color scripting, painting, and final formatting. Along the way, I will be sharing great tidbits about story, design, and overall progress as I go. Visuals will be posted under the magic-golden-ball link at the top of scottwiser.com. And updates will be posted on Twitter (ScottKWiser) and here under “News & Views”.

Thanks for the overwhelming support so far, my friends, and I will see you soon!

29. June 2012 by Scott Wiser
Categories: Animation, Visual Story | 4 comments

  • Sam Kirkman

    Bring them to LIFE! Looking forward to seeing them breathe buddy!

    • http://www.scottwiser.com/ Scott Wiser

      Me too, Sam. I can’t wait to put my pedal to the metal this upcoming Monday.

  • Henrike

    Exciting stuff Scott! I wish you all the best in the next phase for your story!

    • http://www.scottwiser.com/ Scott Wiser

      Thanks so much for your support, Henrike! And congrats again on getting into Chris Oatley’s painting course!

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