Misfit Supers :: Coming Soon

The Misfit Supers, teased and mistreated because of their super weaknesses, search to rescue the celebrity supers from an invisible villain. Coming within the next few weeks… in a variety of digital formats and in print-on-demand. The site for the release is located at scottwiser.com/MisfitSupers.

Here’s what people were saying about the Misfit Supers in early stages of development: “Scott I just read it and I really love it! [This story] has legs!” –Sam Kirkman. “This is super cut…it’s so funny…a really awesome project,” –Sarah Winifred Searle. “…A fresh take on the superhero genre.” –Henrike Dijkstra. These comments were just after reading the rough draft! And such comments put a great responsibility on my shoulder to live up to and a standard I hope to push higher.  Since then, the story & characters have grown & improved.

At this point, I have the characters designed and the story refined. From here, I am moving on to the layout stage followed by typography, color scripting, painting, and final formatting. Along the way, I will be sharing great tidbits about story, design, and overall progress as I go. Visuals will be posted under the magic-golden-ball link at the top of scottwiser.com. And updates will be posted on Twitter (ScottKWiser) and here under “News & Views”.

Thanks for the overwhelming support so far, my friends, and I will see you soon!