How To Start A Successful Creative Agency!

fundedcubeaIf there’s anything a career in TV, Film, Games, and Commercials has taught me, it would be how to create a good process.

Goals and dreams are great. We need targets to aim at.  Still they can possibly lead to discouragement if we don’t have a good process in place, especially if we haven’t built enjoyment into our processes.

When I started this video division with Funded Today, I had no idea what the process of running a business would look like and it was not enjoyable at first. Yet I did know two things: 1. Having a mentor like Funded Today’s co-founders, Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord (who’ve raised almost $100 Million through crowdfunding) could help me take care of what I lacked, and 2. I knew how to make a great video, so that would be the first step in my process.

So I made the first few videos and any time I wasn’t sure how to manage the business aspect, I turned to the leadership at Funded Today, which I was so fortunate to have! Once they suggested I hire a few people, I did just that. I figured out processes to help client interaction, to help raise quality, to help make the most of our time. Those processes are under continual refinement.

When it came to advertising our own services, we pulled out all the stops and spent extra time to create this video:

You can see our new webpage here, to see projects we’ve created so far – one of which turned an $8,000+ campaign into a $184,000 campaign.

So how can all of this apply to those of you reading this post? Let’s simplify the process above into 4 easy steps.

1. Start with what you know.

2. Find a mentor who has had your desired success.

3. Create processes that help you produce great work.

4. Continually refine these processes.

When it comes to processes, the simpler the better. You don’t want to waste precious time you could spend building other parts of your business. Zach, Thomas, and I have plans and hope to eventually turn this into a feature film production business, and that’s part of a life-long goal I can tell you more about later. The point is, success in life is a process – and we are all fully capable of succeeding if we can simply learn from great mentors and break the overall process (life) into smaller, more actionable processes (making whatever for profit).

As always, I can wait to hear from you in the comments and see the great things you’ll create!

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