New Developments May 2014

Having been hard at work, creating new animated stories and content, I haven’t had much time to write blog posts. But I have plenty to show for it: please feel free to observe and comment!


This work project, my second hand-drawn animation ever, has gained national attention among college bookstores. It looks like other universities will be using this video as part of their ad campaigns!

As far as my book goes, my editors have been raving about the story. They also gave me lots on notes to fix, of course. I’ve just finished a batch of facial drawings, as you’ll see below. And I’m about to start on illustrations.

As I finish, I plan to write a post on “How to write a book and screenplay.” I will be releasing a few pages a week here on and utilizing to generate income from the book.

Here are the facial expressions:

I WELCOME your feedback. I will work some more on these characters and post the updates here. Thanks!

  • Monica J.

    You’re amazing! I just love all your videos! 😀

    • Thanks, Monica! Hopefully there are newer and better ones ahead!

  • I just received feedback from my good friend Lauren Chaikin on these character designs. I am currently working on those improvements and moving to the illustration / thumbnailing stage soon!

  • Rebecca Wiser

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your character designs! As the first person to read all of Scott’s work, can I just tell you all that it is his best yet! I stayed up way late into the nights reading, because I couldn’t put it down.

    P.S. Scott, your commercial turned out really funny, especially for someone who has spent hours looking for the best deal!

    • Thanks, my lovely. thanks for all of your thorough feedback as well … gave me a lot to fix, but I think it will be much better between the comments from my other editors along with yours!

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