Painting Drama

I took Chris Oatley’s course because I thought it would improve my animation & storytelling. It did. Fresh from the BEST CLASS I’ve ever taken, here are my two best paintings I’ve ever composed.

Painting Drama 1 builds an incredible foundation for the visual storyteller. Chris Oatley‘s approach is extremely personal and his students often discover abilities they never knew they had. He combines Art History, Abstraction, Representational studies, etc in a ground breaking, powerful, clear manner.  I am certain I will revisit the course and it’s concepts for the rest of my life.

I seriously recommend taking a class from Oatley Academy. The Painting Drama courses are only available periodically, but The Magic Box (everything Chris knows about digital painting) is always open for enrollment, constantly surprising, and A BARGAIN.  Also, Chris’s website home page has TONS of free content to inspire and help you grow. Go check it out!

And now, following countless studies, thumbnails, and sketches, here are my newest paintings:

Francis Meets Harry



So how did this painting course make me a better animator? Four Words: Consistently Surprising Creative Choices. Rare and powerful words, don’t you think? But four words are not enough. Because of this course I have clearer version of the pursuit of mastery. I better understand my  strengths and weaknesses and know how to harness my enthusiasm as an animated storyteller.

In closing, I’d love to hear your comments. And I must say how fortunate I am to have become great friends with Chris Oatley. He has made my life so much better and I thank you for any support you give him. See you soon!

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