Time Management. Super Charged.

This plan transformed me from one of the slower apprentices to one of the faster members of my team and Rhythm & Hues. It consistently boosts my creativity and capability. And for some reason, I’m sharing it for FREE?!?

Well It’s technically not free, I do ask you to pay me back by sharing this post with everyone you feel it will help. And I hope you will engage in the conversation below, letting me know how this plan helps.

Let’s Get Started!

Before you read this plan, I need you to be fired up! Imagine the great things you can accomplish by your increase of speed and creativity! No matter where you work or what your goal is, time management can supercharge your ambition and results. If this plan sounds tough or if you lack motivation, listen to the Paper Wings Podcast episode that inspired me to create this plan. But first, here is the plan. (Forms available for download at the bottom of this post).

Form #2. The Period Checklist:

I share this form first because this is where the magic happens, and shouldn’t take you any more than five minutes at the beginning or end of your workday. For each block of time I have to work (typically 4 hours at a time) I plan out all my time writing a desired start time followed by a task. As I finish each task, I write the rough amount of time that task actually took. If you need room, you can use the break boxes below the block to allot time for breaks – which are important to recharge your energy.

As I plan the next block of time, I analyze the results of the previous block, searching for  successes in contrast to time-sucks. Based on that knowledge, I write a better plan.

At the bottom of the form, upon completing a sheet, there’s a box marked “Time Improvements” as a reminder to look back over the form in search for patterns. As I do this, I make note of things I can do to better use my time.

Form # 1. The Goal Breakdown:

The use is simple: I select a due date for my overall goal and break it down into smaller goals, which also need due dates. Then I break each sub-goal down into the tasks I foresee necessary to meet the deadline and enhance the results. By leaving some space in each area, I can adapt as my project evolves.

Form #3. The Procrastination – I mean – Peripheral.

Okay, let’s face it, we all feel like procrastinating sometimes. But Facebook, email, and casual internet surfing can drain energy.  So I use this last form to list activities that will give my mind the break it needs, but also move me closer to achieving my goals.

While using this form at work a few years ago, I discovered one of the best time investments I ever made.

As I waited for my computer to load or calculate animations, I had a book of facial expressions and I’d do one or two quick sketches.  I soon found that I wasted less time on the internet and at the same time pushed my drawing and facial animation skills to the next level.

Form #4 : To Be Discovered

I’d love to hear your experiences ideas on how to make it even better. Download the forms, put them to use this week, and comment to tell us how it goes.

Form 1: Goal Breakdown
Form 2: Period Checklist
Form 3: Peripheral

  • Rebecca Ann

    Scott, you are so cool! I don’t think I know anyone who can stay as motivated as you! You work so hard, it makes me tired. 🙂

    • Thanks for your support, my lovely wife! You’re obviously a big part of what keeps me going!!!

  • Scott, excellent, excellent post! I’ve actually been struggling with time management lately and your period checklist method might prove to be just the trick I need. I’ll try it out for a week (Using it in combination with the pomodoro and GTD methods of getting things done) and then let you know how it went.

    Thanks again for the forms and for this enlightening post 🙂

    • Can’t wait to hear the results….especially from you with your awesome work ethic! I’m pretty sure Getting Things Done was one of the inspirations behind the Paper Wings Podcast – which inspire my personal plan!

  • Joan Baggett

    -Great plan keeping to it will be a have too

  • Andy

    I really like the idea to make your breaks be things that still move you closer to your goals. It’s true how some breaks actually drain you of energy.

    Thanks for sharing, Scott! I hope you’re happy and healthy!

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