Vanishing Ink On Kickstarter

VinkKickIt began as development for a feature animated film and became an illustrated novel, praised by Disney & DreamWorks artists. And where did it start?

Technically, Vanishing Ink was one of the many ideas I was playing with as I was animating Chipmunks at Rhythm & Hues. But the idea truly gained momentum when you, my readers, voted it your top pick for my next book. And now, for the past week,  we have been on of the top projects in fiction and publishing on Kickstarter! Of course we still need your pledges, social media sharing, and more online journalism to help us reach our goal.

You may wonder why I would write a book when I’m generally so focused on animation. Simply, I wrote this book to prove I would make a great addition to a film development team. Of course, I loved the process so much that I’m already planning on writing another.

To hear animation superstars calling this story: “amazing”, “beautiful and unique”, “a fantastical adventure for the whole family” – that is more than I could have asked for.

Click the image below to read the 1st chapter of the book. Now that the Kickstarter has passed, you can purchase a hardcover copy on Amazon!


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